Specialist Transcription services with a Social Impact

Our mission

We make accessible work from accessibility work. As a disabled-led small business, our mission is to create a professional culture and workflow that foregrounds flexible, accessible and fairly-paid working conditions for freelancers who are disabled, chronically ill and neurodivergent. 

Unlike our competitors, we separate transcription and editing into separate tasks and service lines. This creates more work, for more freelancers—and helps us offer a higher-quality service. One hour of transcribed audio creates between five and eleven hours of work for our team. 

By entrusting us to support your project, you help us do great things with your money—including offering you top-notch transcription and closed-caption services.

How we can help

Qualitative Research Interview Transcription

We transcribe interviews and focus groups for projects of all sizes and topics–from Welsh devolution and Punjabi diaspora mental health first aid, to trans histories of the internet and Black musicology.

Pre- or Post-Event Transcription & Closed Captioning

We transcribe and closed-caption workshops, conferences, and other events, both as part of your event accessibility planning and for post-event publication.

Podcast transcription

We transcribe podcasts to help with your SEO, enable repurposing your content, and create more opportunities for audience engagement.

Other Services

Got a video archive needing captions, or a dictated manuscript needing transcription? We work with clients in tech, arts & heritage, advocacy, or literature, on bespoke projects designed to suit their needs.

Trusted by

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What our clients say

Susannah Worth, Tate

“Their model of creating fairly paid work for disabled people, to their friendly communications, their efficient system of uploading files, and their genuine, enthusiastic and informed engagement with the subject matter.”

Lauren Cagle, University of Kentucky

“I work in disability studies and it’s important to me to support services that put disability justice front and center, so it seemed like a perfect fit.”

People make our transcripts and captions–not AI

Think AI-produced transcripts and captions automatically save time? Think again. AI-produced transcripts and captions often need extensive editing, and ignore access conventions, frequently taking longer and more work to make publication-ready than human-made alternatives.

Because of this, alongside our commitment to creating accessible, fairly paid remote work for our freelancers, while producing top-quality transcripts and closed captions optimised for accessibility, we avoid using AI, and we never use our human talent to train AI services either. 

What our freelancers say

S, Editor

“I feel genuinely privileged to have worked for AAT. Zara and her team are compassionate and supportive, the work is invariably fascinating, and for the first time in my life I felt comfortable being part of a team.”

X, Transcriber and Captioner

“As a disabled, neurodivergent freelance contractor, I’ve dealt with exploitatively low pay rates, and clients that wouldn’t pay. AAT had made a huge difference in my life. I’m able to do this work for fair pay, at a pace that works for me, and with a team that is compassionate and flexible.”

Secure, SSL-Encrypted File Processing

Strict Data Protection & Security

We employ strict GDPR/DPA18 data protection and security  protocols including password-protected, SSL aka bank-level encryption on our secure, dedicated client server and right across our processing teams and workflow. 

Simple File Upload & Download

Easily upload your audio or video files for processing via secure web login from your phone or computer browser, or via app, then download your completed transcripts and closed-captions when they’re done.