Creating Accessible Content: Pride in STEM

Pride in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics/Medicine) is a charity run by an independent group of LGBTQIA+ scientists and engineers from around the world aiming to showcase and support all LGBTQIA+ people in STEM fields. 

Founded in 2016 by Dr. Alfredo Carpineti, his husband Chris, and Matt Young, the charity is a strong advocate for inclusivity. Alfredo wanted their podcast, the Pride in STEM Podcast, and their YouTube videos accessible to a wider audience and gave us a call to help make this happen. 

We also transcribe Alfredo and Chris’ independent podcast, The Astroholic Explains, a light-hearted Q&A podcast that discusses and answers questions about astrophysical missions and mysteries. 

Over the years we’ve worked with Alfredo to transcribe numerous seasons of the Pride in STEM podcast and videos for their YouTube channel, as well as the Astroholic Explains podcast. Through our work, Alfredo and the Pride in STEM team have ensured that their content is accessible to individuals with hearing impairments, and those who prefer to both read and listen to content.

“AAT are extremely professional and quick in their work. In the many times I paid for their services I never found a single fault with anything they did for me. Their rates are very competitive and their impeccable work is worth every penny.”

Using transcription and closed captioning for accessibility

Transcribing podcasts has numerous benefits, from improving SEO to allowing content to be searchable to other researchers and  repurposed into marketing and communications materials. For Alfredo, the goal was to ensure that Pride in STEM and The Astroholic Explains content could be enjoyed by all. This required accurate transcriptions and closed captions to be provided for each podcast episode, enabling people to fully engage with the content.

Alfredo chose us for our expertise in providing high-quality transcription and closed caption services. By booking us, he ensured that his podcast episodes and YouTube channel were accessible not only to LGBTQIA+ STEM audiences generally, but to Deaf, hearing impaired, neurodivergent and other members of the LGBTQIA+ STEM community who rely on text-based versions to access and enjoy audio and video content.

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