We provide specialist transcription services with a social impact.

Transcription is the process of converting audio into written text. We’re experts in supporting you transcribe audio from events, archives, podcsts and interviews.




Transcription-only services start at £1.47 per audio minute (formatted but without editing, and quality control – of a higher standard than auto-transcription), £2.05 per audio minute for edited transcripts, and fully edited and quality controlled transcripts are £2.43 per audio minute. 

Edit-only services

Prices for edit-only services for transcripts start at £1.68 per audio minute for transcripts, and £3.36 per audio minute for closed-captions (no transcript). 


We offer discounted rates for junior, under-funded, independent, or marginalized academics, researchers, projects, organisations or content creators. These rates are as low as 92p per audio minute for transcription services, and we are always happy to negotiate on costs


Closed-captions begin at £3.26 per audio minute for captions-only, or £5.78 per audio minute for closed-captions plus full-service transcription. 

Please note:

From 13 December 2023, we’re raising our prices by 7% across all services. The prices listed above remain in place until this date.

Raising our prices means we can keep our business costs in line with inflation and maintain our commitment to fair rates of pay for flexible, accessible, and interesting work.